Motor Sports

Motor Sports

Mike Roddy Motor Sport supports many and varied motor sport events.  We have many clients who regularly participate in motor sport events all around the globe.

We can help you achieve results with mechanical up grades, advice and support you in the events you are competing in.

Some of the events that our clients have competed in the Millie Miglia- Italy 2011, 2012 with David Reidys 1956 V8 Fiat Zagato rebuilt by us. It was the first Fiat home in 2012.

Targa Tasmania with a V12 XJS on 3 separate occasions winning fastest car on category 5 in prologue and winner in category in 2000. Targa Tasmania 1996 with Gary Burtons  3.8 Mark 2 came home in second in Classic. We have competed in many Melbourne Millies with David Wrights fierce some XK 120 Coupe which embarrassed many a late model sports car.

Mike Roddy Motor sport supports club level racing on a regular basis with outstanding success.

Mike Roddy has returned to Bathurst in the famous JRA XJS number 10 in 2011 to commemorate the cars 25th anniversary of its memorable win at Bathurst. Incredibly the Jaguar came home first group A yet again. It also had a big win at the Winton festival of speed 2012 winning the feature race.

Mike Roddy raced the famous Black Cat XJS which is the first XJS to be sold in Australia winning many first prizes in marquee sports races over a period of years.

Mike Roddy Motor Sport has been the only workshop racing Jaguars in open competition for many years now in Australia upholding the proud Jaguar sporting tradition.

Mike Roddy Motor Sport is your go to place for any requirements you have to compete at the highest level.

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